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    Jan 18 2018
    There is a reason the word hamstring has been colloquialized as a verb. Any injury to your hamstrings can cause serious pain, and be severely disabling as they are used every single day when you’re walking.
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    Concussion: What you need to know

    Dec 20 2017
    In sport, one of the most common injuries that a young athlete may endure is a concussion. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates...
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    Pain: More than Just Tissue Damage

    Dec 4 2017
    Pain has long been defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. Everyone has experienced pain at some point, but it is often a difficult concept to define.
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    Injury Awareness in American Football

    Nov 15 2017
    Injuries are a common occurrence in American football, and half way through the current NCAA and NFL football seasons I am sure you have witnessed many injuries.
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    Teachers: Now is the Time to Take Care of YOU!

    Jul 19 2017
    Those who aren’t teachers often imagine that summer is the time when teachers kick back and relax. But the reality is, you’re often using this free time to catch up on everything you don’t get done during the school year, thanks to the demands of the job.
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    Prehabilitation for Surgery Recovery

    May 19 2017
    No, that is not a typo. We're talking about PREhabilitation, a relatively new idea in the medical world. Just like rehab helps you recover after surgery or injury, prehab helps you prepare for surgery with the goal of shortening your recovery time and making it less painful.
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    Training For Your First 5K

    May 5 2017
    Charity runs are a great inspiration for many to take up a more active lifestyle. Who can resist the combination of raising money for your favorite cause and doing something good for your own health? And
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    Don’t Just Settle for Store Bought Snack Bars — Make Your Own Nutritious Ones!

    Apr 27 2017
    Snack and energy bars are great. Whether you’ve just finished working out or you’re simply watching your child at a practice or a game, these bars help replenish vital nutrients and give you
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    Importance of Bilateral Breathing When Swimming Freestyle

    Feb 15 2017
    Freestyle is the most common of the 4 major swimming strokes. Proper form and technique are paramount for improvement, as opposed to endless yardage or time in the water.
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    The Importance of a Strong Core for Runners

    Jan 30 2017
    One of the most important concepts to consider when beginning a running program is the foundational basis of a strong core. One of the biggest pitfalls many runners fall into is simply lacing up their sneakers and just racking up the miles.
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    CrossFit: Friend or Foe?

    Jan 15 2017
    Much like any sport or exercise regiment, you can get hurt during CrossFit. There is some peer-reviewed research demonstrating that between 19-73.5% of individuals engaged in a CrossFit program will experience injuries involving the shoulder, low back, and/or knee.
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    The Foot Strike

    Nov 5 2016
    The recent upswing in popularity of minimalist shoe running has been promoting a drastic change in running shoe choices and running form. Minimalist shoes can promote more of a forefoot strike with endurance running, which could be a good or bad thing.
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    Things to Consider When Doing Your Fall Chores

    Oct 15 2016
    Fall is a time of year where outside chores can be an enjoyable feat or a necessary evil, depending on your outlook. Raking or blowing leaves, bagging, and last minute work before the thermometer dips...all fun tasks that can make you prone to injury if you aren’t careful.