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Don’t Get Heartbroken: 5 Tips for Heart Health

This February, take some time to focus on your heart—and no, we’re not talking about today’s Valentine’s Day festivities. February is American Heart Month, which aims to raise awareness about heart health and urge those around you to prevent heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of mortality for men and women in the United States. 

What better timing than the beginning of February to check in on those New Year’s resolutions you made and reconfirm or even restart your commitment to a healthier lifestyle? We asked Glen Rock Clinic Director and cardiovascular pulmonary specialist Robert Egermayer, PT, MPT, CCS to share some tips for working toward a healthier you in 2020. 

CrossFit is…Good for You?

Over the past ten years, the world has had a love/hate relationship with CrossFit. While some people swear by it and can only go a few minutes without talking about the sport, others ridicule the cult-like fitness trend and insist that it causes far too many injuries....

Water, Please!

Are you hitting your hydration goals? If not, you could be sapping your energy and ruining your ability to lose weight. According to the Mayo Clinic most people are not aware of how much water they are drinking.  “Water’s involved in every type of cellular process in...

Spring Back Into Running

Spring is coming, can’t you feel it? People all over the country are getting back into outdoor activities after taking the winter off. Everyone is hitting the ground running, but you need to remember there is always a risk of injury when returning to activity after taking a break.

National Athletic Training Month

We’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate National Athletic Training Month! At EXCEL, we recognize Certified Athletic Trainers’ commitment to helping people prevent injuries and stay healthy and active.

What is Direct Access? [Infographic]

The term “direct access” has been thrown around quite a bit in regards to insurance and healthcare, but a large portion of the general public still do not know what direct access is or the many benefits it holds.

In the Penalty Box with a Physical Therapist

Hockey players are at risk for injuries caused by high-speed collisions with other players, rink boards, goal posts, hockey sticks, flying pucks, and falls onto the ice. These injuries are common amongst players of all ages and skill levels, from youth to adult and recreational to professional.

Om About Yoga

People practice yoga for many different reasons like health and wellness, specific conditions such as a musculoskeletal injury, or because a health care provider recommended it. Learn what science has to say about yoga and low back pain, arthritis, and general wellness.

Health, Fitness & Injury Prevention in the Police Department

While physical fitness and nutrition are important for everyone, they are especially important for those who protect and serve. The demands placed on an officer’s body are unique. Often, he or she could be spending long periods of time sitting or standing, with little opportunity for positional changes. These long periods of relative inactivity can be interrupted by short, intense bouts of exertion.

Excelling Outside the Clinic: Running for a Purpose, Part 2

Since its inception in 1995, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s running program, Fred’s Team, has raised over $78 million towards vital cancer research. This year a familiar name from the EXCEL family and local team will be running for the Fred’s Team charity at the New York City Marathon. Tina Gibble, daughter of EXCEL Co-Founder and President Matt Gibble, will be running in her first marathon in honor of her uncle and grandfather.