On Wednesday, August 12th, Excel Physical Therapy President and Co-Founder Matt Gibble was joined by non-operative spine specialist Dr. James Natalicchio of Active Orthopedics to discuss lower back pain and non-surgical treatment options.

Under normal circumstances, 80% of the population experiences back pain at some point in their life. Low back pain can be a result of sprains, strains, degeneration or even neurological issue. Regardless, there are many options for treating low back pain that do not necessarily include surgery. 

Watch the video recording here. 


Dr. James Natalicchio received his BA from Duke University and his medical degree from Columbia University and St. Georges University School of Medicine. He is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and subspecialty certified in pain medicine. Dr. Natalicchio practices non-operative musculoskeletal medicine and specializes in non-operative spine care.

Matt Gibble, PT is one of the two owners and co-founders of Excel Physical Therapy. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from Arcadia University, he went on to work at a sports medicine facility in New York City. There he was involved for three years with the New York Knicks, where he provided their long-term physical therapy, as well as their pre-season and pre-signing orthopedic evaluations. A competitive triathlete, Matt has successfully completed Ironman USA in Lake Placid, NY three times.

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