On July 21, 2020, Excel Physical Therapy hosted a community webinar to discuss sports concussions and their recovery.

According to the American Academy of Neurology, an estimated 1.6 to 3.8 million concussions result from sports/recreational activity in the United States each year. The immediate treatment of a mild traumatic brain injury is imperative in a safe recovery and return to sport.

Dr. Matthew McCarthy from Summit Medical Group joined us to debunk the myths and discuss the common pitfalls to concussion management while addressing the concerns involving the safety of youth sports. Then, EXCEL Morristown Director, Brianne O’Connor, PT, DPT, explained how physical therapy can play a role in the rehabilitation process following MTBI.

Access the video recording here. 


Matthew McCarthy, MD is a member of Summit Medical Group’s Pediatric Neurology team. He is board-certified in pediatric neurology and has additional fellowship training in sports neurology and concussion. Dr. McCarthy has expertise in managing acute concussion, post-concussion syndrome, and other neurological conditions in athletes of all ages and levels of competition. He specializes in using an active and individualized approach to symptomatic treatment and rehabilitation after concussion to ensure a safe and efficient return to sports and other activities. As a sports neurologist, he is focused on long term athlete brain health and promoting safe and lifelong sports participation.

Brianne O’Connor, PT, DPT graduated with honors from Columbia University with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. She enjoys treating patients across all age ranges and injuries. A former all-state athlete herself, Brianne is able to draw from a wide array of personal experiences to make treatment programs fun and engaging. Brianne completed advanced vestibular education courses while studying at Columbia and has since worked alongside neurologists to create and implement comprehensive report to sport programs. She has experience treating concussion patients presenting with balance disturbances, oculomotor and vestibular-ocular dysfunctions. She also treats patients post-concussion returning to activity that have decreased tolerance to increased heart rate and concentration deficiencies.