Those who aren’t teachers often imagine that summer is the time when teachers kick back and relax. But the reality is, you’re often using this free time to catch up on everything you don’t get done during the school year, thanks to the demands of the job.

While you’re catching up on chores and already thinking ahead to Fall’s lesson plans, don’t forget to take some time to take care of yourself as well! Now is the perfect time to address those aches, pains, and old injuries that have been plaguing you.

Although teaching doesn’t seem like a physically strenuous job from the outside, you know the truth. You probably spend your time alternating between long hours standing at the front of the classroom, and long hours in front of the computer or at a desk, grading assignments, designing worksheets, and more. Common complaints from teachers include:

      • Knee Pain
      • Hip Pain
      • Low Back Pain
      • Neck Pain
      • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Additionally, the difficulty of taking time off during the school year may mean that any injuries sustained outside the classroom probably didn’t get enough rest and recovery time before you were back on your feet again.

You may be worried that your pain will require surgical intervention and additional time off, but don’t fret! A lot of common complaints (knee, hip, and back pain especially) actually respond better to physical therapy than to surgery. Recent research has also shown that physical therapy is a better option for pain management than over-the-counter or prescription pain medicine, which means you can strive to be pain-free and clear headed in the classroom.

Your physical therapist will assess your pain, pin down the source of it, and work with you to combat it. You’ll learn techniques that you can employ throughout the school year, to prevent and manage pain. You’ll gain a better understanding of your body, too – and we suspect that if you love to teach, you also love to learn!

Don’t spend another school year in pain. Come see us and spend the summer taking care of YOU.