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    Berkeley Heights Ribbon-Cutting & Open House

    Mar 21 2019
    We were honored to have Mayor Devanney and members of the Berkeley Heights Town Council join us to celebrate the opening of our new clinic. We're so grateful for the warm welcome from the Berkeley Heights community.
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    Spring Back Into Running

    Mar 20 2019
    Spring is coming, can’t you feel it? People all over the country are getting back into outdoor activities after taking the winter off. Everyone is hitting the ground running, but you need to remember there is always a risk of injury when returning to activity after taking a break.
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    National Athletic Training Month

    Mar 12 2019
    We’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate National Athletic Training Month! At EXCEL, we recognize Certified Athletic Trainers’ commitment to helping people prevent injuries and stay healthy and active.
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    Patient Spotlight: John M., Oakland

    Feb 26 2019
    In March 2018, John was diagnosed with male breast cancer that has been certified as 9/11-related. One month later, he had a double mastectomy to remove the cancerous tumors from his chest.
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    In the Penalty Box with a Physical Therapist

    Feb 21 2019
    In a high-impact sport like hockey, players risk injury at any given moment. Caused by high impact collisions at fast speeds against other players, rink boards, goal posts, hockey sticks, flying pucks, and falls onto the ice, these injuries are common amongst players of all ages and skill levels, from youth to adult and recreational to professional.
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    “Om” about Yoga

    Feb 4 2019
    People practice yoga for many different reasons like health and wellness, specific conditions such as a musculoskeletal injury, or because a health care provider recommended it. Learn what science has to say about yoga and low back pain, arthritis, and general wellness.
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    Excel Physical Therapy Continues to Expand New Jersey Footprint with Opening of Third Union County Location

    Jan 2 2019
    Excel Orthopedic Physical Therapy continues to expand its footprint in New Jersey with today’s opening of a Berkeley Heights office. Joining Summit and Westfield, the Berkeley Heights office now marks EXCEL’s third location in Union County and the company’s fourteenth overall
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    Health, Fitness & Injury Prevention in the Police Department

    Nov 28 2018
    While physical fitness and nutrition are important for everyone, they are especially important for those who protect and serve because the demands placed on an officer’s body are unique.
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    Excelling Outside the Clinic: RUNNING FOR A PURPOSE - Part II

    Sep 25 2018
    Since its inception in 1995, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's running program, Fred’s Team, has raised over $78 million towards vital cancer research.
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    Excelling Outside the Clinic: RUNNING FOR A PURPOSE

    Sep 12 2018
    When Matthew Larson was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor called choroid plexus carcinoma at the age of 2, he and his family faced a long road of daunting treatments and an unknown future. Matt would spend
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    The Truth About Posture

    Aug 16 2018
    You've heard it a thousand times, if not from your mother, then from co-workers and even friends: "don't slouch". The truth is there no such thing as perfect posture and it remains a highly debated topic
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    Westfield Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony with Meet & Greet

    Aug 10 2018
    Join us as we celebrate the opening of our newest facility. We are excited to formally introduce ourselves to the Westfield community with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.
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    Direct Access: What is it? Why is it relevant?

    Jul 18 2018
    The term “direct access” has been thrown around quite a bit in regards to insurance and healthcare, but a large portion of the general public still do not know what direct access is or the many benefits it holds.
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    Summit Meet & Greet

    Jul 11 2018
    An amazing night was had by all as we officially opened the doors of our Summit office.
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    EVENT: Rock the River Pallisades 5K

    May 7 2018
    EXCEL is proud to be sponsoring the Rock the River Pallisades 5K Sunday, May 6, 2018.
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    A Succinct Description of the 6 Phases of Throwing: Vital Information in the Overhead Athlete’s Pursuit of Physical Preparedness.

    Mar 21 2018
    Throwing is like any other skill; it has generalizable phases - or sequences, if you will - that make up the finished product.
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    Power Production for Baseball Players

    Feb 7 2018
    With the professional football season just coming to a close and opening day still nearly two months away, you probably aren’t really ready to be getting into baseball just yet. That is unless you are a die-hard baseball fan, or a baseball player training for the upcoming season.
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    Jan 18 2018
    There is a reason the word hamstring has been colloquialized as a verb. Any injury to your hamstrings can cause serious pain, and be severely disabling as they are used every single day when you’re walking.
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    Concussion: What you need to know

    Dec 20 2017
    In sport, one of the most common injuries that a young athlete may endure is a concussion. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates...
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    Pain: More than Just Tissue Damage

    Dec 4 2017
    Pain has long been defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. Everyone has experienced pain at some point, but it is often a difficult concept to define.