Allison B. Tabrys, PT, DPT, CSCS // Clinic Director

EXCEL Montvale, 15 S. Kinderkamack Road, Montvale, NJ 07645
P: 201-573-4969 // F: 201-573-4041

NJ PT License # 40QA01480100

CSCS: Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

“Health, Fitness & Injury Prevention in the Police Department

“BFR 101: What You Need to Know About Blood Flow Restriction”

Alli developed an enthusiasm for physical therapy as a teenager, working through her recovery from several soccer-related knee injuries. The summer before her freshman year of high school, she had ACL reconstructive surgery—her first of seven knee surgeries. During her recovery, she became fascinated with her physical therapist’s broad range of knowledge, enthusiasm, and team spirit. 

She graduated from the University of Michigan’s School of Kinesiology with a B.S. in Movement Science. While at U of M, Alli’s devotion to physical therapy (and love for college football!) flourished. She assisted in research and wrote an insightful senior thesis studying the “Effects of Backpacks on Walking Biomechanics.”  

Alli earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from New York University, where she found her niche in outpatient orthopedics and sports. While Alli enjoys treating patients of all ages and diagnoses, her experiences as a young patient helped shape her interest in treating female athletes. She draws on her own experiences to relate warmly to each patient, regardless of injury or age. Alli is certified in blood flow restriction (BFR)—a modality that has been proven to decrease muscle atrophy and increase strength. After personally experiencing the challenges of regaining strength and restoring balance following an injury, Alli has found that this can be a beneficial addition to patient’s recoveries.  

Alli enjoys sports, the outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. Since recovering from her most recent knee surgery, Alli practices yoga regularly to help maintain her strength and mobility. She and her husband enjoy hiking, skiing, and spending their free time looking for new outdoor places to explore. When not participating in sports, Alli enjoys watching soccer and football—and especially cheering on Michigan football. 

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This week on #functionalfitnessfriday, @allib722 and @k_dorsett once again challenge you to #getoutside! This week lets try some #lunges. A lunge is simply a single leg exercise that work a good portion of you lower extremity. These muscles include your #glutes, #quads, #hamstrings, #core, and #hip. Lunges help develop overall lower body strength and muscular endurance. Lets take a look at 3 variations. Forward lunges- take a large step forward and then drop your back knee down to the ground. Keep your front knee in line with your ankle, avoiding bringing your knee in front of your toes or too far to the middle. Then, step up onto the lead foot and repeat the same sequence with the opposite foot. Remember the lunge is not a forward movement, it’s a straight down motion. Backward lunges- take a large step back and then drop your back knee down to the ground. Keep your front knee in line with your ankle, avoiding bringing your knee in front of your toes or too far to the middle. Then, return to starting position and repeat on the opposite side. Side lunges- take a large step to the right. While keeping your left leg straight, lunge to your right keeping your right knee behind your toes and your hips back. Then, rise up on your right leg and repeat again. After performing 2 repetitions (or whatever your space allows) repeat the same thing on your left leg. #ExcelPTnj #fortlee #summerbodyseason #girlswhodoPT #choosePT #fitnesslife #legday #outdoorworkout #trainoutdoors #sunsout #beachbody #lunge

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