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Get a Complimentary TeleHealth Wellness Consultation with a Licensed Physical Therapist

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering a complimentary TeleHealth Wellness Consultation for members of our Hoboken community.

During a TeleHealth Wellness Consultation you can expect Face-to-Face live video interaction with our Hoboken Clinic Director Jonathan Zaid, PT, DPT where he will answer any questions regarding your aches and pains or overall health and provide you with a quick and easy home exercise program to address those issues.

If working from home has caused some back pain, or the stress of physical distancing has increased your neck or headache pain, or even if you have just been putting off getting that nagging injury evaluated, a TeleHealth Wellness Consultation could be beneficial for you.

Please complete the form at right to request your complimentary consultation at your convenience. Once we receive your request, we’ll give you a call to schedule.