[Dir·ect acc·ess] The ability to start physical therapy without a prescription or referral.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EXCELDirect?

EXCEL’s program that enables you to access physical therapy without a doctor’s prescription.


What does Direct Access mean?

It means that in NJ and many other states, patients are legally allowed to be seen for an initial PT evaluation and can be treated for combined total of 30 days without a prescription from a physician or physician extender. At the end of the 30-day period, if further PT is needed, a prescription from a physician would be required. 


What are the benefits?

You can typically start PT within 24 hours, whereas you may have to wait weeks to see a specialist. Treating aches and pains early can help prevent more serious injury down the road. PT might help you avoid unnecessary medications and expensive diagnostic testing. 

How much does it cost? Does insurance cover it?

Most insurance carriers will cover direct access physical therapy, but it varies depending on your plan. We’d be happy to check for you and let you know. 


So I don't need a prescription from my doctor in order to get PT?

No, in NJ, you have the legal right to begin PT through direct access. If you do need to see a specialist, your PT can refer you to a great doctor in your area, or you can find your own doctor. Please note that Medicare patients may use Direct Access, but a doctor must sign off on the PT’s plan of care. 


Is a PT qualified to provide therapy without a doctor's referral?

Absolutely. Our PTs have advanced degrees and receive extensive education and clinical training, and are fully qualified to treat you. If your physical therapist thinks you should see a specialist, they’ll let you know ASAP. 

Ready to get started?

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