EXCEL Hackensack patients know Cosimo Carrieri as their physical therapist – the attentive, compassionate individual who provides treatment for their injuries and helps them on the road to recovery. Since his graduation from PT school at Rutgers and joining the Excel Physical Therapy team, Cosimo’s familiar and friendly face has become a staple at the Hackensack office.

“Cosimo is a fantastic, well-rounded therapist. He has developed great relationships with his patients and is an excellent addition to the team,” says Hackensack Clinic Director and Regional Director, Brian Stinton. “He works well with everyone and has really come into his own this past year.”

But less commonly known is that outside of the clinic, Cosimo is a member of an exclusive group of Ironman athletes. The Ironman race is a grueling triathlon consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and 26.2-mile run. Many people train to complete even one of those tasks, let alone all three in one take.

This year, Cosimo plans on completing the 70.3 Atlantic City Ironman. Unlike a full Ironman race, the 70.3 is half the distance in all disciplines (1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile run), but certainly not half the effort. Cosimo has set a lofty goal to complete this race in under 5 hours. In addition to challenging himself physically, Cosimo is also tying his efforts into raising awareness for good causes.

“The recent efforts of Excel raising money for Ukraine warmed by heart and got me thinking how I can do more,” says the Hackensack PT. This year Cosimo will also be raising money for the Ironman Foundation for Ukrainian refugees, as well as the Innocence Project. “Both projects tie into EXCEL’s core values to help people change their lives. I am challenging myself to give back and make a positive impact.”

Cosimo is not the only Ironman of EXCEL as Regional Director, Bryan Del Rio, and Glen Rock Clinic Director, Robert Egermayer, have also completed the demanding race. Company co-founders Matt and Gary have all found membership of the select group of Ironman finishers as well.

EXCEL President, Matt Gibble states “I was instantly impressed when I learned Cosimo was in training to compete and complete in the Ironman triathlon. I became even more impressed by him as a young man knowing he was raising money for his causes. We are very proud to have Cosimo on our team as an example of hard work, perseverance and giving back to others.”

“Training and racing at any triathlon distance takes discipline, determination, and focus,” adds EXCEL CEO, Gary Flink. “Training and racing at the Ironman distance takes it to a whole different level. Good luck Cosimo – EXCEL is behind you every step of the way!”

To learn more about the projects that Cosimo is supporting, click here.