Last Thursday, New Yorks Jets wide receiver and offensive rockstar, Corey Davis, was ruled out with a hip flexor strain in Week 8. We’re diving into the details this injury and giving a preview of what may be to come for this evening’s Thursday Night Football game against the Colts.


What is a hip flexor strain?

A hip flexor strain is an injury to the hip flexor tendons or muscles. That group of musculature includes the iliopsoas muscle and the rectus femoris muscle which work simultaneously to bend the hip. For example, the action of bringing your knees to your chest to run or jump uses your hip flexors.

When there is too much stress placed on this group of muscles, the tissue may stretch or tear causing inflammation and pain. A strain may be as minor as a few stretched or torn fibers, or as severe as a complete rupture of the tendon.

EXCEL Hoboken Clinic Director and Certified Advanced Hip Clinician, Jonathan Zaid, PT, DPT, says this type of injury is challenging to the Jets wide out because of the nature of the position. “There is concern for the wide receiver position due to the need for sprinting, acceleration and deceleration required for running routes,” says Jonathan. “The need to cut and turn place additional stress on the area.”


So will Corey Davis play tonight?

Most reports (including the Jets injury report) state that an appearance for Davis is doubtful. Typically, hip flexor strains take weeks to recover fully from, with severe injuries taking up to months.

Jonathan explains, “He would need to be able to demonstrate the ability to sprint and run routes with technique and good form, without developing symptoms.” Considering Davis did not practice this week to even test that theory, it would seem highly unlikely to see him dressed on Thursday Night Football.


Things may be looking a bit bleak if the Jets biggest offensive weapon is unavailable tonight, but hopefully the offense will be able to pull something together. Wishing Davis a safe and speedy recovery!


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