Last week kicked off a much-anticipated 2021 NFL season. In anticipation of tonight’s Thursday Night game featuring our home team, NY Giants, we’re recapping the notable injuries from Week 1 and providing some perspective into the players’ recoveries.


Ryan Fitzpatrick – QB, Washington Football Team – Hip Subluxation

Probably the most significant injury from opening week, the starting quarterback from Washington sustained a hip subluxation while attempting a pass against the Carolina Panthers. A hip subluxation occurs when the ball and socket joint partially dislocates before reducing back into place. Hip injuries can be tricky and take time to recover from, especially if additional soft tissue injury has occurred. Regardless, Fitzpatrick can certainly be counted OUT from this evening’s NFC East matchup against the Giants and likely for the next few months.

 Jerry Jeudy – WR, Denver Broncos – High Ankle Sprain

Last week while playing against the G-Men, the Denver wideout suffered from a high ankle sprain when a defender landed on his leg. A high ankle sprain is an injury to the ankle syndesmosis, the fibrous tissue that connects the two bones of the lower leg (tibia and fibula). Giants fans may recall how long the recovery from this injury can take after star NY running back, Saquon Barkley, sustained a similar ailment in the 2019 season. Jeudy will likely be out for a minimum of 6 weeks.

 Mekhi Becton – LT, NY Jets – Dislocated Patella

For our Jets fans out there, this one is a tough one. The starting left tackle injured his right knee in the second half of the game against Carolina. A dislocated patella, aka kneecap, can occur when there is either a direct blow to the knee or if there is an excessive amount of force exerted by the muscles surrounding the knee. If there is additional trauma to the soft tissue structures surrounding the patella, surgery may be necessary to repair the damaged ligaments or to realign the bony structures. Becton should be suspected to miss at least 4 games, potentially longer pending the need for surgery.


If you’ve sustained an injury from either sports or from cheering a little too aggressively for your team, physical therapy can help you get back to pain free activity! In the meantime, let’s keep our fingers crossed for an exciting (but healthy!) Week 2 of the NFL season.