Fall is a time of year where outside chores can be an enjoyable feat or a necessary evil, depending on your outlook. Raking or blowing leaves, bagging, and last minute work before the thermometer dips…all fun tasks that can make you prone to injury if you aren’t careful. Following a few simple tips can decrease your chances of injury while making your lawn tidy and neat (before that first breeze comes).

#1. Always keep your abdominals engaged, a ‘tight core.’ Very simple, suck your belly button into your spine and maintain it. DON’T hold your breath. This will be very important for rotating, bending, carrying, and pretty much any and all movement necessary when tidying up your lawn.

#2. If raking, don’t just keep the rake on one side of your body. Alternate after every few pulls. This will keep you balanced.

#3. Same tip as #2, but while using a leaf blower. Something as simple as alternating which hand you’re holding it with will make a big difference.

#4. When picking up your leaves, make sure to still maintain a ‘tight core.’ Bend at the hips and knees, keeping your back straight. Have your barrel or bag close by and ready, so you don’t have to do extra work carrying your leaves.

Tip: Using some handy dandy Leaf Scoops will make your leaf scooping experience all the better!

#5. Take note of the weather. If it has rained recently, the leaves are going to be heavier and bunch up much quicker. They may also not rake up as easily, requiring stronger pulls.

#6. If you live in a town where you put your leaves out on the street, make sure to move manageable amounts at a time. A few smaller trips can be much more beneficial than one large trip.

#7. If you need help, ASK for it. Don’t hurt yourself.