Patient Spotlight: John M., Oakland

Feb 26 2019

EXCEL Staff General

In March 2018, John was diagnosed with male breast cancer that has been certified as 9/11-related. One month later, he had a double mastectomy to remove the cancerous tumors from his chest. 

“My arms and chest were totally immobile and swollen,” says John. “As the swelling subsided, I desperately wanted to get my range of motion back. I’m a triathlete and avid golfer and bowler. Thinking that I was never going to be able to perform these sports like I did before my surgery was depressing and always in the back of my mind. But instead of waiting around to see how it all turned out I decided to take action. I sought the help of Excel Physical Therapy.

EXCEL has a great reputation and a local office in my town of Oakland. I met with Jeff Ziegler [Clinic Director, EXCEL Oakland] whom I knew from the Triathlon world in the area. I chose him because he being an athlete understood my concerns. After working with Jeff for about 6 weeks I was able to attend my annual golf trip and play multiple rounds pain free. Not only that but I’m now training for a triathlon and bowling twice a week in my bowling leagues. I even bowled a perfect game in November. Something I thought would never happen again. 

I can’t thank Jeff and Excel enough for getting me back to my pre surgery days. They truly understand the athlete in every one of us.”

"I've known John and his family for a number of years and hearing of his breast cancer diagnosis was nothing short of alarming. Although I had never treated a male breast cancer patient before, I was still confident I could help him get back to his regular lifestyle, which included participating in the many sports he loves. John worked tremendously hard while in therapy, never felt sorry for himself, and kept a positive attitude throughout the entire process,” says John’s friend and physical therapist, Jeff Ziegler, PT, MSPT, Clinic Director, EXCEL Oakland.