As Titleist Performance Institute Certified clinicians, we can help with physical limitations or pain that may be hindering your golf game.

Regardless if you are having long-term pain, are just finishing up rehab from an injury or surgery, or are just trying to put yourself in a better position for lower scores, let us help.

The most common swing characteristics seen in golfers are directly related to mechanical deficiencies. These deficiencies can cause pain and lead to increased risk of injury. Using the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) concept of the “Body-Swing Connection,” we can identify these characteristics and deficiencies so you can get back to enjoying your time on the course – without pain or limitation.

While we are not swing coaches, or golf professionals, we are the preeminent experts in movement – bridging the gap between healthcare and sports performance. We will observe your swing in order to identify any common swing characteristics. From there, we will put you through a physical screen and movement assessment designed to identify – and eventually correct – each physical limitation that can be causing pain or keeping you from reaching your full potential on the course.

If any deficient movements are uncovered during a TPI screen, a full movement assessment will be performed to identify the root cause of each faulty movement. When completed, manual techniques and corrective exercises will be prescribed to help restore more normal movement, improving pain and certain swing characteristics.


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