Our Success Stories

EXCEL takes great pride in helping our patients get back to the things they love most. Below are just a few of the many stories we are proud to have been a part of each and every day.

With finding it difficult to barely walk, Matt found himself not only recovering, but getting back to his active lifestyle and the sports he loved in just weeks of treatment. We are very proud to have been a part of his recovery.

These teachers and coaches go above and beyond daily for their students and players. We are proud to have been able to offer the same type of care for them when they needed it. Here are some more great stories from great people.

Another great family story from our patients. Proud to have helped and been a part of their continued success.

Here's the Neborsky family story and their successful experience with EXCEL. Meet father Chris, daughter Summer, and son Slater.

Meet Chris and Nina Strattner. Click the play button to hear their story.

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  • Meet Don
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