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Thomas J. Labocki

Thomas J. Labocki, PT, DPT

Fort Lee Clinic Director

NJ PT License # 40QA01101800

Thomas was born and raised in the blue collar town of Garfield, NJ. Growing up with a younger brother, they played every sport in basements, backyards and ball fields in town. Once he got to high school, Thomas made the varsity team in soccer, basketball, as well as track and field.

While receiving physical therapy following a right knee injury, Thomas found his interest in the human body, injury recovery, and the PT part of health care leading him to the field of physical therapy. In his senior year at Garfield High School, Thomas had an opportunity one semester to observe PTs in a professional setting at a physical therapy clinic one day per week. It was at this facility that made his decision that physical therapy was the career he was going pursue.

Thomas then went to Seton Hall University and studied biology with a pre-graduate focus in physical therapy. It was in his senior year that Thomas started at University of Medicine and Dentistry, now part of Rutgers University. He is a proud member of the first class in New Jersey to graduate with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

One year out of school, Thomas married his wife, Maggie, who holds a Psychology/Masters in Counseling degree, so together they have the understanding of the human body nearly covered. Three kids later, they enjoy being a part of travel soccer, choir and band performances, being with family and participating in their childhood church community now as a family.

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